Welcome to Gateway Roleplay!
Hi, and welcome! On behalf of the entire admin team, thank you for choosing to join us at Gateway.

What is Gateway Roleplay?
Gateway Roleplay is a roleplay community for the game Project Zomboid, currently being developed by The Indie Stone. We focus on providing a hardcore, realistic roleplay environment for our players to make the game a more exhilarating experience than ever before!
We run events throughout our lores to add some depth to the world. They're typically high risk/high reward situations, offering a great amount of development for your character.

Who's on the Team?

  • El Cid - Co-Owner
  • Fantasia - Co-Owner
  • Jian - Co-Owner
  • MindGate - Senior Admin / Lore Master
  • Pika - Senior Admin / Forum Designer
  • a rabbit - Admin
  • Holt - Admin
  • Jack Rogers - Admin
  • Lil Bit - Admin