Forum Rules


  • You may not join the forums with a username containing slurs or other inappropriate content. If you do, you will be banned and asked to make a new account.


  • Spamming the forums is strictly prohibited. All spam posts and accounts will be deleted as promptly as possible.
  • Links to competitor websites are not allowed and you may be banned depending on the content.


  • Keep all posts to their relevant subforums.
  • Any posts made in the wrong subforum will be moved as soon as possible.

Adult Content

  • Excessive profanity and pornography are strictly prohibited. Any posts containing adult content will be deleted.
  • If adult content relates to in-character events, then it may be posted. Ultimately the admins have the final say in these situations.


  • All images in signatures must be 500x500px or smaller.
  • Posts and signatures containing oversized images will be deleted.
  • Do not repost copyrighted or illegal content.

Legal Things

  • This community is based in the US, and therefore conforms to US laws.
  • Laws may be different in other countries, so if you are unsure if posting something would be illegal, ask.
  • This means we are subject to copyright laws, illegal content laws and so forth.
  • Punishments for posting illegal content will vary depending on circumstances, but the decision falls on the admin team. Depending on the circumstances, you may not be allowed to appeal your ban.

The Rights of the Admins and Owners

  • We reserve the right to ban or prevent access to anyone at our discretion.
  • We reserve the right to ban any member of the community for any reason we deem fit.
  • We reserve the right to ban anyone and not provide any means of appeal.
  • The owners of the community reserve the right to use any images posted to our website for "not-for-profit publicity" without direct authorization... meaning we can post your pictures without asking to our social media for advertising but can not sell or make direct profit on them.

» Users may request the removal of said images from promotional use but in doing so must also remove them from the forums/discord.

  • The owners reserve the right to use your personal data details for in community use or for legal action if needed.

» We will not use your data for profit or ill means. We will not share your data with anyone unless legally required by law enforcement and will only be used broadly inside the community for contact or identification purposes as well as internal statistical data.