• Applications for What We Become: Survivor Stories are currently on hold while we work on creating our second wave of combat tests.

    What We Become: Survivor Stories is a series of bite-sized scenarios meant to test our new and improved combat system in action! Our first wave contained 5 different scenarios, all taking place within the What We Become universe. Our second wave will contain 5 more scenarios. If you've been waiting to play on the server, now's your chance!

    Additionally, each scenario has a limited number of slots for each role in the party, as well as an overall participation limit. If you apply for a role/scenario that is already full, you will be asked to apply for a different role/scenario. You can view the number of slots remaining for the current scenario on its respective forum post, linked above.

    Make sure to check out our latest newsletter if you haven't yet! It has lots of information about our upcoming lore, among other things.


On June 28th 2019, A red-eye flight departs from the JFK International airport at 11:25 PM, bound for Heathrow. A Boeing 767, #1213, carrying 243 souls aboard begins a routine flight over the Atlantic ocean, destined for the vast European connections of London's most famous terminal. The winds are first fair, but a brewing storm system soon sends shocks of turbulent weather into the flight's path. Despite the pilots' best efforts, the storms only increase in severity, and an attempt is made to turn the flight around. But high winds seize the plane during its bank, and it's blown off course and out of control. As oxygen masks drop and screams are muffled, the plane veers toward certain destruction.

Survivors awaken in the tangled remains of the wreckage, surrounded by scrap metal, discarded luggage, and the bodies of their fellow passengers. The plane has crash-landed into the sand dunes of a beach on an unknown island. With emergency radios finding no frequency, no way to tell their location, and seemingly no way of reaching the outside world, the survivors will need to gather their supplies and their wits to try and survive on their newfound island and try to find a way to reach home... But they may find that they are not the island's only occupants.