Gateway Roleplay (GWR) costs 79 USD/month and 45 USD/year for the dedicated server and domain registration respectively. Any donations to keep our server going are appreciated.

How do we use the donation funds:

  • Most donations go towards the cost of our dedicated server and domain registration. Any excess amount will be used for the next recurring month.
  • Purchasing server upgrades and software updates.
  • Running community events.

So how does donating with Patreon work?
What happens is that you donate monthly for your perks. If you stop donating, the additional perks go away but you will keep a badge that says you have at some point donated. This will include some benefits that as of now are TBD. Each rank is structured so that you will also have the perks for the rank under the one you donated for as well.
Commissioning a portrait will also include donation perks. You will get 2 months of the $8 perks for the $15 portrait and 3 months of the $8 perks for free. Thats a $16 and $24 worth of perks for the price of a portrait only.
Payment is collected immediately upon submitting to become a Patreon and then charged on the first of each month.

By donating $15, you'll receive 2 months of the $8 perks, as well as a flat-color, sketched portrait of your character drawn by our very own Lil Bit!

Here are some examples of the $15 tier

Ming Haytham Danica

By donating $30, you'll recieve 3 months of the $8 perks, as well as a fully-shaded, detailed portrait of your character, also drawn by Lil Bit!

Here are some examples of the $30 tier

Liliana Jilli Gallus

Please note that issuing a charge back will result in a perm-ban. If you need a refund for any reason, submit a support ticket first.

If you'd like to donate without receiving any perks, you may do so here: