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Revamped Hybrid Combat System

Revamped Hybrid Combat System

While our old hybrid system has served its purpose for the past four years, it has become severely outdated with the additions of automatic weapons and varying other glaring issues. Many of these issues include players not knowing when they’ve suffered enough damage to have lost and bandaging wounds in the middle of combat, which lead to it being dragged out for an inordinate amount of time. This system aims to directly address those issues, while also painting a clearer image of what you can and cannot do while in combat.

All rolling for combat is done in the Discord server. You will be directed to a specific channel at the beginning of the combat scene.

If you are not in the Discord server, an admin will roll for you.


How do actions work?

  • At base, a player survivor will begin combat with 6AP. These points will be universally used between firing your gun, bandaging/offering treatment to another survivor, interacting with doors and other objects, as well as movement.

» You are able to store an additional 2 points of AP at the end of your turn for a potential maximum of 8AP.
» All weapon ranges are subject to admin discretion. If your event DM decides that you are at an unreasonable distance, you will miss.

How does combat work?

  • At the beginning of combat, all parties/groups in the group will be split into three categories: ENGAGING PARTY, ENGAGED PARTY, and NPCs/FRIENDLIES.

» The ENGAGING PARTY will always go before the ENGAGED PARTY. Once their turn ends, the ENGAGED PARTY will go. Lastly, any NPCs (e.g. Zombies, Animals, Monsters, or Bandits) will go.
» This will repeat until one party is left standing and all other parties have either died, surrendered, went into a downed state, or have managed to successfully flee from the current on-going engagement.

  • Each person can do as much as their AP allows.
  • Any attacks on another player or NPC will operate in this manner: A D20 is rolled with ABOVE 10 being successful and BELOW 10 being a failure.

» If you fail, you miss. If you're successful, you will hit and then roll another dice to determine the amount of damage to your opponent’s health pool.
» If you roll a CRITICAL SUCCESS (20), you will deal bonus damage.
» If you roll a CRITICAL FAILURE (1), you will suffer a large amount of damage and a potentially embarrassing failure.

How does cover work?

  • In combat, you will have two basic options for cover: HALF and FULL.

» HALF-COVER: waist-high fence, small bush, etc.
» FULL-COVER: brick wall, large vehicle, etc.

  • While in cover, all attacks against you will have a lesser chance to succeed.

» Attacks against someone in HALF-COVER suffer a -2 to all rolls.
» Attacks against someone in FULL-COVER suffer a -3 to all rolls.

  • Certain animals, beasts, and enemies are unable to enter cover while others can.
  • You can additionally boost your defense by using either variant of HUNKER DOWN at the end of your turn.

Health Pool & Armor

  • At the beginning of combat, all human player-characters will begin with a default of 100 HP.

» This can be boosted by utilizing pieces of ARMOR. Each piece of armor will give you an additional 15 HP for a potential maximum of 175 HP.
» This can further be boosted by temporary means in the form of STIMULANTS and DRUGS.
» Armor can also be utilized on your animal pets to bolster their HP.

  • On dropping to 0 HP, you will enter a DOWNED state and effectively be removed from combat until either your entire party is put in the same state or the enemy is defeated.

» You can be revived from your DOWNED state by the use of medical items with negative effects.

Pets & Followers

  • Each player is allowed to bring ONE pet along with them into combat.

» All follower/pet variants of animals will pull directly from our MONSTER GLOSSARY for HP, AP, and other abilities/attacks.

  • As an owner, you will have to utilize the option to LET THEM LOOSE in combat.

» While an animal is let loose, an admin will control it as an additional NPC and have it actively hunt down members of the opposing force. These animals will not understand the concept of bullets and may be shot down.
» It is up to you to utilize them effectively and choose appropriate times to let your dog or another animal loose.

  • At any time, you will be able to CALL THEM BACK.

» When doing so, as long as the animal is not in critical danger, it will make its way back to you and you will regain control but be unable to utilize it for combat purposes.