• Applications for Wave 2 of our combat tests are officially open! Players may only apply for File #6: Dark Sector currently, but we will be opening applications for the remaining tests soon.

    What We Become: Survivor Stories is a series of bite-sized scenarios meant to test our new and improved combat system in action! Our first wave contained 5 different scenarios, all taking place within the What We Become universe. Our second wave will contain 5 more scenarios. If you've been waiting to play on the server, now's your chance!

    Additionally, each scenario has a limited number of slots for each role in the party, as well as an overall participation limit. If you apply for a role/scenario that is already full, you will be asked to apply for a different role/scenario. You can view the number of slots remaining for the current scenario on its respective forum post, linked above.

    Make sure to check out our latest newsletter for information about each of the upcoming combat tests.


hey, i'm pika! also known as max.

i'm one of the owners here at gateway.
i've been on the admin team on and off since 2015 when we were still known as new dawn. since 2021, mindgate and i have officially co-owned the server.

this server holds a very special place in my heart, and i'm always looking forward to whatever stories we'll create together!

Past Characters
Muldraugh Walls Lore (2015)
  • Grace Harvey
  • Max Rutherford
  • Hazel Waterson

Mall Lore (2015 - 2016)
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Riley Reynolds
  • Ryan Dekker
  • Jesse Loire
  • Robyn Reeder
  • Stephanie Schweitzer

West Point Lore (2016)
  • Max Rutherford
  • Kasey Dekker

Cloverport (2016)
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Stephanie Phillips

Bartertown (2017)
  • Max Rutherford

What We Become (2019)
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Theodore Wellesley

The Lone Star (2019)
  • Max Rutherford
  • Danielle Stenton

Final Descent (2019)
  • Samantha Thompson

Lines We Cross: Survivor Stories (2020)
  • Samantha Thompson

What We Become Part II: What Remains (2020 - 2023)
  • Avery Dekker
  • Theodore Wellesley
  • Max Rutherford
  • Hana Takeuchi

Ties That Bind: What Lies Beneath (2023)
  • TBA
Mar 11, 2000 (Age: 24)