YO!! I'M MAX!!
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i'm also known as pika on here!

i've been adminning for AGN/ND/GWRP on and off since 2015, and am currently one of the co-owners here on gateway!

mind and i split up the duties, so i deal with the administrative side of things, along with forum design and ux. chances are, i'm the admin that reviewed your application. if there's anything you think i could change the make the forums better and/or easier to navigate, shoot me a message! i want them to be as accessible as possible.

outside of adminning i'm a third year college student majoring in japanese. i'm hoping to one day become a jp>en translator for video games and literature!

i tend to be pretty laid back, so don't be afraid to interact with me! i don't bite. at least, not most of the time. let's all have fun rping together!

Mar 11, 2000 (Age: 21)




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