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    Survivor Stories: Season 1 - "The Quarantine" (Credits)

    Over the course of one night, only two confirmed out of twenty-seven students and staff would survive the massacre at Bellarmine University and come to see the sunrise over the city again. Was it worth what lies ahead? Francis King "Survived against all odds." Jim Jackson "Survived against...
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    Survivor Stories: Season 1, Episode 3 - "Rebirth"

    "After a harrowing escape to the basement of the dormitories, the remaining survivors must go against all odds to get to the surface." This will begin at 8:30 PM EST on 5/24/20 (Sunday, May 24th, 2020)
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    Survivor Stories: Season 1, Episode 2 - "Descent"

    "The CDC places the dormitories under lockdown; hysteria sets in after two vicious attacks." This will begin at 7:30 PM EST on 5/23/20 (Saturday, May 23rd, 2020)
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    Lines We Cross: Survivor Stories Announcement & Launch Date

    Announcement Drum roll, please! I am proud to announce our newest addition - Lines We Cross: Survivor Stories, an anthology-based prequel to our upcoming main lore! Now, I assume you all have some questions, and I have compiled some general ones to offer some added information for everyone who...
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    Change in Ownership (5/9/20)

    We all feel great sympathy for you.
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    Change in Ownership (5/9/20) | As of 5/7/2020, Gateway Roleplay has come to terms with the release of former owners ModdedBezzy (Bezz) and Morgaborg. We wish them the best and thank them for the past few months of service to...
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    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but you are all the gold in the world and are being melted down as we speak. I wish for ... NOTHING. Now WHAT?
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    Weekly Update / Q&A #5

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    Lore Info & Update

    March, 2013.
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    Lore Info & Update

    You can find our timeline for the lore ... >HERE<. Tonight is the night, my friends. This is happening and I'm very proud to announce that our new lore, Lines We Cross, now has applications open. GET HYPED AND GET READY FOR THE NEXT LORE! ... NOW TOTALLY IN VOICE CHAT! If you have any...
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    Weekly Update / Q&A #4

    Yes. I tend to consider this system as something we should have by default. I clarified with the team and we're all in agreement that this is the best way to handle NPC factions.
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    Weekly Update / Q&A #4

    1. It will be set in Kentucky; town names are to be determined. Our starting map is CURRENTLY set to be Muldraugh. 2. March 2013 3. Yes, it is canon. March 2013 - Launch Date is TBA. It will probably be a few days after B41 drops. There will also be a Discord Prelude with all of the randomized...
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    Weekly Update / Q&A #4

    Great questions. 1. We're going to be starting pretty early into the apocalypse, I'll have more specifics up soon once I get our timeline completely finished. I'll add additionally we're intending on reaching a point in the lore we don't usually reach ... our website background may have...
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    Weekly Update / Q&A #4

    If anyone has any basic lore questions, I'll be around for a bit to answer them!
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    Weekly Update: Redux / Q&A #3

    Yes. We are in the middle of Antarctica and it is regularly -55 or lower. If anyone goes outside without the proper equipment, they will eventually freeze to death. I will be hammering the cold in as much as humanly possible throughout every event and interaction.