• Applications are now live for What We Become: Survivor Stories, a series of bite-sized scenarios meant to test our new and improved combat system in action! Our first wave contains 5 different scenarios, all taking place within the What We Become universe. If you've been waiting to play on the server, now's your chance!

    Applications for File #5: Redeemer are open until its run date on December 9, 2023. Refer to Redeemer's dedicated post for more information.

    Additionally, each scenario has a limited number of slots for each role in the party, as well as an overall participation limit. If you apply for a role/scenario that is already full, you will be asked to apply for a different role/scenario. You can view the number of slots remaining for the current scenario on its respective forum post, linked above.

    Make sure to check out our latest newsletter if you haven't yet! It has lots of information about our upcoming lore, among other things.



Current Firearms Collection: Kar98AZ (1918), Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.3 (1917), M1891 Mosin Nagant (1916), M1891 Carcano (1918), Winchester Model 1897 (1902), Ruger 10/22 (2014), Schmidt Rubin G1911 (1918), M16A1 Style AR15 (1970s), Norinco SKS (1959/1960), Israeli Mauser Kar98k (1943), Beretta 92S (1978 - 1982), Mauser C96 (1930s), MAS M1886 Lebel (1893), Steyr M1895 Mannlicher (1916), Zastava M48 (1952 - ????), Carl Gustaf M1896 (1901)