• On 08/10/2022, we made the jump to Build 41 to finish up What We Become Part II: What Remains!

    Everything written in our Build 41 FAQ posted 12/19/2021 still stands—Gateway Roleplay's applications will not be opening up again until What We Become Part II: What Remains concludes. Notes have been added to the FAQ to clarify this.

    We are still deep in the development stage of our next lore and need more time to make it as great as we possibly can for you all. We also don't want to cut short a lore that's been running for nearly a year and a half for the few players that have stuck it out with us.

    We don't have an ETA on when we'll be finished with What We Become Part II: What Remains. Stay tuned for the announcement on our next lore! If you join our Discord, you'll be notified as soon as our announcement drops.

    We're also looking for new admins! If you're interested in joining the team, don't hesitate to send in an application here. All new admins will be added to the team once our current lore has concluded.

    Thanks for your understanding!!



Current Firearms Collection: Kar98AZ (1918), Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.3 (1917), M1891 Mosin Nagant (1916), M1891 Carcano (1918), Winchester Model 1897 (1902), Ruger 10/22 (2014), Schmidt Rubin G1911 (1918), M16A1 Style AR15 (1970s), Norinco SKS (1959/1960), Israeli Mauser Kar98k (1943), Beretta 92S (1978 - 1982), Mauser C96 (1930s), MAS M1886 Lebel (1893), Steyr M1895 Mannlicher (1916), Zastava M48 (1952 - ????), Carl Gustaf M1896 (1901)


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