• As of today (08/19/2021), we'll no longer be accepting applications for What We Become Part 2: What Remains.

    We've given it some thought and have decided that with the current state of the lore, it's in everyone's best interest if we focus on what we have currently so that we can finish the story in a timely manner. Introducing new characters into the mix would not only complicate things, but it would be difficult for new players to acclimate considering the current player base consists exclusively of long-time players.

    All currently pending applications will be processed, but the application form is closed so no new applications may be submitted.

    Applications will open again closer to the release of our Build 41 lore. Info on that will be released at some point in the future, but I can at least confirm that we're making good progress with our writing and planning.

    Thanks for your understanding!!

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    Five's Gateway art

    More pieces for the RP-art tag. =)
  2. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    And some more Tex! Also going in character art. And a couple for rp art:
  3. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    Time for another NPC! And it's none other than Marcus Baczek.
  4. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    The latest addition to the Character gallery, the badass that is Jade's character Marcie:
  5. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    Because I'm in a pixel mood and I need more drawings under the RP art tag, here's Gateway: Point and Click Adventure edition:
  6. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    Here's ghostly Stone who's just discovered his own ghostlyness. Poor guy.
  7. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    We chat, we joke, I make jokey sketches and put them in silly art to think about what they've done. Bonus:
  8. FiveHourSleep

    Community Job Postings and Community Jobs Explained

    New job posted: Scrappers.
  9. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    Added - Runty the goodest boi:
  10. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    Two new pieces! In Character art: In RP art (Idea by Jouska):
  11. FiveHourSleep

    Information Pamphlet - Monroe Law, Punishment and Emergency Conduct

    The Monroe Court of Law No person under investigation may be imprisoned for longer than a week before being put in front of a court of law. This time period may be extended by the Minister or Head of Security up to one additional week (two weeks total) if deemed necessary. This time period will...
  12. FiveHourSleep

    List of Offenses and Punishment

    List of Offenses and Punishment within Monroe Punishments vary depending on the severity of the crime, and any and all punishment listed by the crime may be chosen as judged fitting. However, punishment may not exceed the ones listed by the crime - only exception being repeat offenses or crimes...
  13. FiveHourSleep

    List of Wanted and Enemies of Monroe

    List of Wanted and Enemies of Monroe All citizens are encouraged to know about these characters and avoid them. Helping any of the people listed below is subject to punishment in a court of law for aiding and abetting. The Monroe Council does not condone or encourage vigilante action. For more...
  14. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    That's what I love about storyboarding, it's basically animation without, uh....actually having to animate it.
  15. FiveHourSleep

    Five's Gateway art

    I've submitted my first piece, or pieces, to the mysterious RP art post :O It turned out longer than I expected because of course it did, and I still would have liked to draw more of that scene, buuut I felt it was an okay cut-off point, so there you have it. The whole thing can be found...