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    Five's Gateway art

    It's never an art thread without some Rule 63
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    So, You Want to be a Journalist?

    A lot of people write guides of things they're familiar with, so I thought I might throw my hat into the ring and write a bit about how to play a character of a more, journalistic persuasion. Why should I read this? I've Covered Wars You Know! Well, I'm EnvyDemon, and I have about... 6 years...
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    C.P.F. Memes

    Throwing in mine in addition because we've had some fun brain storming these in the CPF Channels What's in Your Pants -As Nat Brackenridge, kill 69 enemies with revolvers Ace in the Hole -As Nat, Get 100 Headshots Over The Course of The Campaign. Do You Feel Any Better Now? -Complete the...
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    Welcome to the server :)
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    No Context Gateway Roleplay

    Because Nat is a pottymouth.
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    A Gif/Meme For Every Character: What Remains Edition

    Crystal Whenever She Is on the MPR
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    C.P.F. Memes

    Please rise for the official anthem of CPF Outpost 2-15.